Tuesday, August 9, 2011


Promise I won't pop, but hold me tight,
Don't let me drop,
I'm fragile, light and easy with my upward flight, 
I promise I won't pop,
But hold me tight....
Admire my colour, please never stop,
You slipped, now off I go,
Up and away where warm winds blow.
Only dare to follow with your eyes,
as I become smaller,
To your surprise..
Further up in outer space,
Is where I popped without a trace...   


A sea of nightmares, a sky full of dreams,
Under each current, is all what it seems?
Lands of adventure, mountains to climb,
Transparent barriers, seem eerily sublime. 
Air infused thermals, dynamic turbine,
The silence of a cosmos, fading gongs chime,
Second of growth, cell after cell,
Buddha met Allah, in heaven and Hell....

Sunday, August 7, 2011


Lay me down,
When Earth turns cold,
Rays burn brown,
Darkness rolls in,
Reunited by firelight,
Lover of destiny,
Wilted roses with thorny issues,
Death mounts up,
Covers unwrap,
When Earth turns cold,
Fire rains down,
Shelter caves in,
Beauty ignites,
Photographic firefights,
Shutter expands,
Flags of peace,
Bloody release,
Dying shame, our expense,
Tears of men, end of game,
Life goes on,
Servitude talent,
Stands alone,
Head held low,
Fires glow,
Whirling mess,
I confess,
Untouched ground,
Poignant point changes course,
Fleshy mounts,
Carrying seeds,
Deathly deeds,
Ends all life....


Cobbled feelings contrast mirrors edge,
given light to ease burden from distant cargo.
Loathing, too high.
Greeneries worm through mulled fruits.
Know less? Think mire?
All, "Twas brillig," until shards of solidity snapped,
turned to infantile jelly... Simple really...
Give.. Be..


I have become machine, circuits, wired,
streamline and cold.
Truncated, programmed, emotionless, less bold.
Waiting in shadows how I yearn to dream,       
voltage my deity,
earthly machine.
Kill without feeling, life without thought,
binary bloodlines, nodes, ones and naught.
Electronic slavery, oh eater of flesh,
gives nothing but motion,
trapped in the mesh.
Perpetual drumbeat, wired to web,          
Smothering humanity,
I said...

Wednesday, June 8, 2011


Ravaged, bloody, torn hands,
Plucked full of remorse, the ripening flower,
The stem acknowledged defeat and withered,
Screamed, then silence...
The eyeless beast, sensed doom,
Petals rained dowen, blanketing the world
Sweetness calmly, filled the air,
Seedless winds carried darkness,
Fumeless chimney's,
Distant offerings of salvation , unanswered...
Rotating into depths, too deep,
Remaining, hoping, buried, not by force,
But by will,
Doubtless of origin, sorrowful,
The breeders tunnelled light,
Sprouted, dull, unsure,
Void of beauty,
Ravaged, bloody, torn hands,

Tuesday, May 31, 2011


The frontier is designed, to be a lonely place,
Where pioneers and thinkers, seek solitude and space,
Theories and equations, our futures being made,
Simplified, discussed, as foundations then are laid,
Dreams become reality, the hopes we realise,
Greed rears it ugly head, its that which we despise,
Power is the secret tool, the key to all success,
The hand of freedom, has gripped its scythe,
The victim, who can guess...

Sunday, May 29, 2011


I am not the founder,
Merely the keeper,
I am not the creator,
But the destroyer,
Did you ever stop to think,
Its all I have, and now,
Thanks to you, no more.
A battle only surpassed,
By mankind's hunger and greed,
For obtainable wealth,
To be elevated, God-like, alienated,
In a kingdom built for one,
Forget the crumbling foundations,
Of existence,
For the future has the awesome,
Responsibility of repairing my
Fragile egg shell mind....

Saturday, May 28, 2011


The philosophical change has come to late,
A broken system becomes irate,
Frustration transformed into physical despair,
Contaminated bandages fail to repair,
Insult to injury, they try to sedate,
Knowing full well no more will we wait,
Blinded by ignorance, onwards they fumble,
Darkening lives, as downwards they tumble...

Monday, May 16, 2011


The sun is setting,
The children sleep,
The men at battle,
The women weep,
The death's are many,
The blood is shed,
The food is low,
The cattle dead,
The winters coming,
The end is near,
The panic's rising,
The women fear,
The battle's lost,
The men return,
The graves are dug,
The lesson Learnt....

Wednesday, May 11, 2011

Pondering, I looked inside,
Oggling, and starry eyed,
The things I saw, they defied,
For me, no laws, to obide,
The chains, they held,
They held me tied,
Nobody, no-one, on my side,
for the truth I saw,
The truth I spied....

Thursday, May 5, 2011


Lightning, probing, dart like thoughts,
Try to seek me from afar,
Reeking, seething, mental puss,
Sticks to my mind like tar.
Violated, raped and tortured,
Ripped apart with hands all feeling,
Red hot pokers send me reeling,
As secrets layed out bare.
Loneliness, primordial darkness,
Eternal suffering, no more to tell,
My own living hell...

Tuesday, May 3, 2011


Question go unanswered,
The reason is neglect,
Answers go unquestioned,
With a myriad effect.
Days merge into weeks,
The silence will remain,
Months turn into years,
As the system starts to drain.
Power gears corruption,
Those in charge are changed,
The mind can't cope with power,
As intelligence deranged...

Monday, May 2, 2011


Numbers go on swirling,
Equations interbreed,
Velocity is hurtling,
At an interstellar speed.
Cosmic intervention,
As galaxies relapse,
Particles bombarding,
From implosion to collapse.
History in the making,
The futures in the past,
Space time remaining,
Destined not to last...

Sunday, May 1, 2011


The world is an oyster,
With a pearl gleaming bright,
The future's a doorway,
That's shut and locked tight,
The key is within us,
But tucked deep inside,
For those with the knowledge,
It will open and confide,
With realistic proposals,
With luck and fair play,
With hard work and courage,
We can all have our day....

Saturday, April 30, 2011


On cold bleak nights the loneliness expands,
Forever threatening to engulf beyond return,
With infantile mind we venture unknowingly,
Hoping somewhere through neglect to learn,
We work on statistics, problems perplex,
Inventions outdated by inferior design,
Cornering, covering our burnt remains,
Fate in the shadows playing on our mind,
Those who seek, if at first only crawl,
Dissimilar in thinking with knowledge at hand,
Inferiority an ever present furnace,
Closed to many, openness is grand....